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Due to high demand, please allow 48 hours for your order to be dispatched
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About Us

Our KANDYWAX Journey started in April 2020.

I've always suffered from mild Anxiety, but coped well enough for it not to affect my life too much. But one day in early April after work, everything changed. 

With my Anxiety hitting new highs, I suffered a Panic Attack. I only found out later once the Paramedics had brought me down that it was in fact a Panic Attack. 

The physical & emotional symptoms were something that I'd never felt before, and even though the Panic Attack subsided, the resulting level of Anxiety & fear of having another Panic Attack would change my life. 

My road to some form of recovery was long, hard & frustrating. Jump forward 7 months and even though I still battle with my Anxiety most hours of everyday, I have come so far with the help of family & friends, as well as therapy. 

My passion for wax melts developed from needing a coping mechanism in those early weeks after my initial Panic Attack. It gave me something to do, distracted me from my Anxiety & it was something the whole family started to take an interest in. Plus my home smelt amazing. 

In November 2020, having been off sick from work for 6 months, I decided that there was no realistic prospect of being able to return to work in that environment. Heart breaking as it was to make the decision to leave my job, making the decision lifted a weight off my shoulders. 

Now in December 2020, after a busy month & with support and help of both family and friends, we've turned what once started as a coping mechanism for myself into KANDYWAX. 

I hope it shines some light into your home as it has done for me!


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