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Due to high demand, please allow 48 hours for your order to be dispatched
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What is a Wax Melt?

A wax melt is wax which is combined with a scent, usually using a fragrance oil. It’s similar to what you would find in a scented candle, but it has no wick.

Wax melts a used by warming up the wax using either an electric burner or a tealight burner.

A candle disperses its scent as the wick & wax burns, whilst they can last a long time, the scent throw can vary dramatically.

In comparison, with wax melts the burner will heat the entire portion of the wax melt - throwing the scent but without burning the wax. Eventually the wax will lose its scent and it’s time to change your wax melt for a new one.

In recent times, there has been a shift from people using candles to using wax melts, with many preferring the ease & variety wax melts have to offer.

Our Soy Wax K-Wax Bars contain between 8% & 10% fragrance load, giving a consistent & long-lasting scent throw. They come in handy 5 segment snap bars, simply pop one or two segments into your burner.

Alternatively we have our Squeezy K-Wax Range, which is unique to other products on the market. Again these contain between 8 & 10% fragrance load, but the scent throw is far stronger & far reaching. They come in a convenient squeezy bottle, simply squeeze the desired amount into your burner. The added bonus with our Squeezy K-Wax is once it has cooled, you can simply wipe out the contents.

The level of scent throw can be controlled by the user, very easily. For a stronger & intense scent throw - add more to the well of your burner, but be careful never to over fill. Vice-versa, for a more subtle scent throw, you can reduce the amount of the product you add to the well of your burner.

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